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・1998年7月9日 有限会社エンジェル登記

・2018年5月31日 有限会社(法人解散)

・2018年6月1日 法人を解散するも個人事業「エンジェル」として









































Itestablished 300 projects nationwide as franchise chain headquartersan

shows thetofrom the achievements that have, show prosperous paths toextremely large number of people and businesses, propose innovative development measures and lead them to realization

advice that leadsprosperityI ammy work,

doing consulting to build your future throughbusiness other than investment.

Angel’s History

  • July 9, 1998 Registered Angel
  • May 31, 2018 limited company (corporate dissolution)
  • Jun. 1, 2018 Even though we dissolve a corporation,as the personal project “Angel”

it is quite similarBusiness development.

Reason for dissolution of Angel corporation Limited company Since the

successor son died, there was no successor, and in the unlikely event the procedure of dissolution of corporation was extremely complicated and burdensome, so the burden was so heavy that we just abolished the corporation as a live-action There is no business slump.

Business description

  1. Management consultant
  2. Production and sale of teaching materials 3.

IT related business Any businessitems

incidental to the preceding.

Even in the business related to the Internet, we have over 20 years of achievements and a number of achievements ranging over 100 million units, so we can combine that knowledge and technology into your business.

As for investment, we do not do fund management, investment advice, etc. that require legal qualifications because we do not have financial instruments trading license, although we have a lot of experience in teaching material selling unnecessary licensing system.

Yoshihiro Sogoe of the Angel is not a man who never eats anything unconditionally if it becomes money.

Those who say good things and do not keep their promises are not accepted and those who do not accept it are instantly excluded when they noticed that person by any chance.

For those seeking innovation and development without being caught up in common sense by seriously building a rich future, only those who are healthy who do not violate the law and those who keep their promises are built up.

I will not establish any relationship with a person who is deceiving people, is committed a crime, is inferior to society, human nature.

With no effort, people who want to make money by playing, even those who do not care about others can not do anything with the ego-filled people who do not care.

Angel sells only the know-how based on truth.

It is absolutely impossible to guarantee the results such as sales and profits of each person, so do not promise without saying wording that guarantees it.

There are many projects that recruit the amount of income exaggeratedly or promising the amount of income promising in the world, but guaranteeing individuals’ earnings is something that can not be completely impossible under social norms, We recommend that you watch out for such sale items and not get it.

As more than 90% of Yoshihiro Sogoe’s time is allocated for developmental and innovative activities, please understand beforehand that we can not answer to “I want to meet” or “I want to hear” in interesting style.

Angels do not buy teaching materials that individuals have become useless.

It is illegal to purchase rights such as investment related contractors, so it is completely absent.

There is no loan to any person in any case.

Since we do not hire employees etc. in all angel projects, we do not accept applications.

Please refrain from sudden visits and telephone in the common sense.

Since mobile phones are the most obstructing work, phone numbers do not tell anyone, and even if there are any numbers leaked, there is no response.

We think that they are the best way to get in the way of work, so we will limit it only to work related persons who made promises in advance.

Yoshihiro Sogoe does not work free as doctors do not diagnose for free.

We have pride and confidence and responsibility in the proposal and support, so if you feel comfortable and would like to get answers for free, please do not be displeased.

We will not understand this, we will not reply or respond to those who will be contacted by e-mail or phone etc. Please understand beforehand, please do not take care of us, please understand with good sense.

We will only contact consulting contractors, school students, and other contractors to respond and receive responses.

From time to time, we may apply for collaboration over promoters involved in the net business, but we can not accept any collaboration with anyone.

Please do not misunderstood the media companies intended for interview.